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Medialpha home blood collection services are tailored and personalized to all members of your family. Medialpha offers a great alternative to the congestion of some hospitals and CLSCs. Medialpha’s nurses are qualified to perform blood tests on infants and the elderly.


Medialpha is ideal for busy professionals and for companies who care about the health of their teams. Whatever your schedule and availabilities are, Medialpha’s team comes to your workplace. Medialpha makes life easier and guarantees a rapid and efficient blood test service tailored to your schedule with no waiting time.


Tired of chasing appointments? The tests required during pregnancy can be done anywhere. Stay in the comfort and warmth of your home. Medialpha comes to you at your convenience. Please have a prescription from your doctor for taking a dosage of HCG hormone blood, a urine test or any other blood test.


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Microbiological analysis

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