Did you do a blood test recently?

Did you do a blood test recently?

Being healthy is good, but take care of his health is better!

Our well-being is at the heart of our life choices. It is therefore important to take the time to look after . Having a healthy lifestyle is to do some physical exercise, sleep, eat balanced , but also to see his doctor !

When was your last visit?

Medialpha comes to you , no more hospital queues

Your health and time are important, do not wait for hours in the waiting room !

During your last visit you are certainly left with a prescription for a blood test, and of course the only thing that comes to mind is ” Grrr .” Indeed , we already know what awaits us , waiting long hours lost in wait in the hospital or clinic . It will take you further away from work and catch up. In addition , we must go back and retrieve the results . Not very motivating. This happens most often unfortunately is that the prescription is inexorably lost somewhere at the bottom of a bag or in the car, but mostly forgotten ! Why all this trouble for a rapid test?

Taking care of your health that’s importantand upon reflection a blood test takes at most 2 minutes * … what ? Very little time compared to the benefits of really knowing his condition . Indeed, the blood test is the best way to confirm , deepen or clarify a diagnosis for the doctor , that is to take care of you . Without these results the doctor is like a mechanic without tools!

What if my medical examinations could be with me?
Ding Dong ! Hello , you ordered a medical test? There you go! More queues , no need to seek results , no need to miss work , and all without paying more ! A dream? Not really.
For many months Medialphaputs in place all the infrastructure that now allows you to realize your medical tests where you want! Medialpha comes to you because your health and time are important! The physician receives your results after 24 hours and you can also choose to receive by email ( after 72 hours for legal reasons ) . A nurse comes to you , at work, at your gym, a pharmacy or clinic to perform the sampling prescribed by your doctor , whether a complete blood test or a very specific test, all in a few minutes where and when you want it.

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Author: Nathalie Pedro, @natounette

* For 98% of cases

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