The day of organized mom

The day of organized mom

The testimony of a mother for whom time and health are a priority.

My name is Marie , I am an editor in a bank, I am 41 years old and 3 children : Julien 11 years, 8 years and Lise Paul 5 years. My husband , Marc- André works as financial advice . The alarm rings at 6:45 every morning.
I descend prepare lunch while Marc- André prepares before waking the children. I go in the shower while eating with them. It is 7:30 when we begin to dress . Lise and Julien are doing quite alone now . I check their schoolbags and times of the day , I go out their lunches . When everything is beautiful, Lise and Julien leave about 8:15 with Marc- André who deposits the car , I go with Paul that I table walk before work .

Marie, 41 ans témoigne de son expérience avec le cancer du sein

Octobre est le mois de la prévention du Cancer du sein.

When I arrive at the office is just 9am. Often I forget my lunch! I have not much time for me then for my lunch break I try to exercise at least 2 times a week, but it is not obvious to stick to . In the evening we are lucky to have a daycare at the school who takes over after school for children. Marc- André and I divide the week to recover children alternately allowing us to have a little time , it’s important. Often I do the grocery shopping , occasionally I take a little personal appointment or to network, take care of me or see a friend. I always have to juggle priorities and I must say that I often tend to procrastinate the little things to me.
Last year at this time, precisely in October , I went to the doctor one evening after work. I was quick to make an appointment to see had since June. It is prescribed by met a blood test to do. It had completely messed up our agenda. It’s always complicated. In these cases we must get up much earlier and Marc- André takes care only of children. But it was nothing when I think , compared to what awaited me .

I had to return to the doctor who prescribed a mammogram. I had a little suspicious mass . He told me it was okay , we had to test it, it was perhaps nothing, that we should not panic.

I thought of my husband , my children . I seemed to abandon them. I was scared. How to tell them? Perhaps finally say nothing , why the panic when I had no safe diagnostic ? I could almost see my life flash before me. I told myself that I had to pay more attention to what I was eating , sports more regularly. I felt that my body was betraying me . I swore me not to procrastinate my health.
I had An incisional biopsy is a removal of part of the suspicious mass for analysis. I had said nothing to Marc -André , but when I left the hospital I needed to wait for the results with someone , so I told him everything and I did well .

The results arrived after 3 weeks and the mass was benign. What a relief!
That does not always happen like that. My lesson : We must take the time to take care of itself . It sounds happening everywhere , but health is really important. October is the month of Breast Cancer Prevention, so do not put more tomorrow your appointment with the doctor. A blood test , a mammogram, a check up is the best way to prevent serious illness.

Medialpha supports the awareness of breast cancer and to not upset your routine, our nurses come to your blood test in your home or office when you want. Because your health and time are important. More information here ..

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