• Medialpha manages a network of mobile nurses and auxiliary nurses, members of the OIIQ or the OIIAQ respectively.
  • Medialpha offers nursing services on demand at homes, in offices and in participating pharmacies. Services may include, but not limited to, the following:
    • Blood, urine, stool tests and other tests (such as COVID PCR test)
    • Medication injections
    • Vaccination
    • Wound care
    • Other services regulated by the OIIQ or the OIIAQ that can be provided at home.
  • For blood, urine, stool tests and other tests (such as COVID PCR test) , Medialpha is a service of sample collection and transportation. Medialpha’s responsibility is limited to only these two aspects, i.e. to respect the instructions of each laboratory with regards to the collection and the transportation of samples. The analysis is carried out by accredited laboratories (Dynacare for the private sector and public hospital laboratories for the public sector). Medialpha is not responsible of the results’ quality, analysis delays or results being resent to physicians and/or patients. Any instruction given to patients comes from the laboratory and is provided for informational purposes only.
  • For medication injection service, Medialpha is responsible for the act of injection in accordance with OIIQ guidelines. Drug storage and management is the responsibility of the patient and/or the treating pharmacist. The nurse can obtain the drug from the patient’s pharmacy (only in certain participating pharmacies) maximum 30 minutes before the appointment. In this case, the nurse is only responsible for the drug transportation and its administration.
  • For vaccination, Medialpha is responsible to administer the vaccine in accordance with guidelines of government of Quebec. Vaccine management is a responsibility of the patient’s pharmacist.
  • For other nursing services, Medialpha is responsible for the nursing act in accordance with OIIQ guidelines. The patient is responsible to provide and manage the necessary equipment for the required act (such as specialized bandages).
  • For all the required nursing acts, the patient is responsible to provide a signed prescription from their caregiver (physician, pharmacist or other) when scheduling an appointment. Failure to provide the prescription will result in cancelling the appointment.
  • Medialpha manages clients’ personal information in accordance with its privacy policy. Please consult our PRIVACY NOTICE (https://www.medialpha.ca/fr/avis-de-confidentialite/) or AVIS DE CONFIDENTIALITÉ (https://www.medialpha.ca/privacy-notice/ )
  • Service cancellation: a 50$ fee will be applied for any appointment cancellation made less than 24 hours before the appointment or after the end of the appointment.
  • Medialpha considers that the patient accepted the terms of service when booking an appointment with a mobile nurse or an auxiliary nurse from the Medialpha network. If the patient does not accept the terms of service, he/she has the responsibility to cancel the appointment at least 24 hours before the appointment to avoid the penalty fee of 50$.
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